Honda Check Engine Light and OBD Trouble Codes

You are likely driving your Honda SUV or one of the Honda car brands on the highway and the check engine light signal pops up. Being the latest model, this means that your vehicle has been fitted with the onboard diagnostic tool which is giving you a warning as to fault on the car engine.

check engine light

Known in most quarters as the malfunction indicator light (MIL), it is meant to give you the warning that the engine computer, through its electronic control unit has detected a problem within the engine.

Other cars are fitted with another light called the service required light calling for oil replacement on the engine.

What may be different is the onboard diagnostic scanner in use as the Honda car may have its manufacture fitted OBD scanner, or it may be one of the custom tools which work across most of the cars.

The ominous fear of this could be making you to panic is common in most scenarios when drivers start sweating profusely on sighting this. You don’t need to worry, take heart, you only need to look at the error codes to understand them and get into the act of correcting the car engine fault.

You may not be in the category of those who panic because you have some knowledge on the check engine light illumination light. However, you need some tips to help guide you as you how to go about it so that this manual will help you a lot. Read on;

What it means when check engine light is on or flashing

So your Honda check engine light is on, and the butterflies are all over your bowels as to what it means. It could be that you are facing a case of the light which is on continuously or just flashing.

It means that the onboard diagnostic scan system has detected some fault on the car engine.

The check engine light on your Honda car being on doesn’t mean anything so severe at times because it could just mean that the gas cap is loose or may mean that your engine has developed a very serious fault.

check engine light loose gas cap

Flashing check engine light means that the fault on the car engine is serious, manageable and need urgent corrective measure but can last the course.

You may, however, need to note that just like in all cases, the check engine light warning whether it lights on or just flashes, does not need to be assumed entirely.

If you have knowledge in car repairs, then you have the responsibility to pull at the nearest stop and fix the fault if it’s a simple one or makes a date with a mechanic help with the fixing.

Reasons why check engine light is on

There can be several reasons as to why your Honda car has the check engine light being on. These usually range from the rather simple reasons to other dangerous ones which if not sorted out may lead to the breakdown of your Honda car entirely.

Before going further, you need to ascertain issues pertaining to the healthy operations of your Honda car as to whether you could be having any leaks on your car engine, whether you have some new installations on your Honda car, the period when your car was used last or whether you took the car for fueling any time preceding the light being on.

When you have looked at all these, you may find that either the check engine light on your Honda car may have been due to some water puddle you went through recently that splashed on the engine.

Some of the known reasons as to why you have the check engine light on your Honda include;

1) Damaged oxygen sensors – when the oxygen sensor on the car engine fails, the exhaust system is bound to fail and so making the overall objective of the emission control, which is why the car is fitted with an OBD scanner goes to naught. The additional risk is that the car may consume much fuel than the anticipated.

Damaged oxygen sensors

2) Issues with the gas cap – the gas cap, which at times may even be forgotten after fueling may be what it is all about. Fixing this is as easy as just parking and getting to check if the cap is loose or is even missing, fix it and the light will just be off.

Issues with the gas cap

3) Spark plug issues – misfiring engine caused by malfunctioning plugs can be a common phenomenon on your Honda. Because these spark plugs are that important, they are usually made to vary on the diverse Honda brands. The spark plug fault needs to be repaired immediately as the malady may spread to other areas of the Honda car engine.

4) Issues on the air flow sensors – these usually regulate the fuel consumption of the car as it helps the fuel mix with air within the engine. It then means that a fault on it can make the vehicle lose on fuel consumption.

air flow sensors

5) Issues on the catalytic converters – these are usually components of the exhaust and replacing it is imperative if the fault is detected on it.

atalytic converters

Steps of resetting Honda check engine light

Resetting the check engine light on your Honda can be very simple if you only knew how. Like in most car error codes, understanding the meaning of the cause of the check engine light may be important in the course of car repairs.

It is advisable to carry out corrective measures by carrying out repairs as may be suggested by the onboard diagnostic (OBD) scanner on your Honda car. The repairs can happen if you know the DIY strategies, or you may opt to visit the nearest mechanic shop albeit at a cost.

Though the use of OBD tools is common currently, resetting the check engine light which still area of the dashboard of your Honda car may be done using one of the simplest strategies.
The following can be used to reset the check engine light on your Honda Accord for instance;

1) Locate the fuse box on the driver area.

2) Get the fuse cover, pluck it open.

3) Look at the fuses which are lined in order.

4) Pluck off the 7.5 fuse; this is located at the fifth point.

5) Pull it off and return it in a second.

6) The check engine light on the Honda will be cleared with n risk of having to lose the radio stations.

Just like disconnecting the battery with lots of benefits, you get your light removed.

Honda OBD-II Trouble Codes

P1106Barometric Pressure Circuit Range/Performance
P1107Barometric Pressure Circuit Low Input
P1108Barometric Pressure Circuit High Input
P1121Throttle Position Lower Than Expected
P1122Throttle Position Higher Than Expected
P1128MAP Lower Than Expected
P1129MAP Higher Than Expected
P1149Primary HO2S (Sensor 1) Circuit Range/Performance Problem
P1162Primary HO2S (No. 1) Circuit Malfunction
P1163Primary HO2S (No. 1) Circuit Slow Response
P1164Primary HO2S (No. 1) Circuit Range/Performance
P1165Primary HO2S (No. 1) Circuit Range/Performance
P1166Primary HO2S (No. 1) Heater System Electrical
P1167Primary HO2S (No. 1) Heater System
P1168Primary HO2S (No. 1) LABEL Low Input
P1169Primary HO2S (No. 1) LABEL High Input
P1253VTEC System Malfunction
P1257VTEC System Malfunction
P1258VTEC System Malfunction
P1259VTEC System Malfunction
P1297Electrical Load Detector Circuit Low Input
P1298Electrical Load Detector Circuit High Input
P1300Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected
P1336CSF Sensor Intermittent Interruption
P1337CSF Sensor No Signal
P1359CKP/TDC Sensor Connector Disconnection
P1361Intermittent Interruption In TDC 1 Sensor Circuit
P1362No Signal In TDC 1 Sensor Circuit
P1366Intermittent Interruption In TDC 2 Sensor Circuit
P1367No Signal In TDC 2 Sensor Circuit
P1381Cylinder Position Sensor Intermittent Interruption
P1382Cylinder Position Sensor No Signal
P1456EVAP Emission Control System Leak Detected (Fuel Tank System)
P1457EVAP Emission Control System Leak Detected (Control Canister System)
P1459EVAP Emission Purge Flow Switch Malfunction
P1486Thermostat Range/Performance Problem
P1491EGR Valve Lift Insufficient Detected
P1498EGR Valve Lift Sensor High Voltage
P1508IAC Valve Circuit Failure
P1509IAC Valve Circuit Failure
P1519Idle Air Control Valve Circuit Failure
P1607ECM/PCM Internal Circuit Failure A
P1655SEAF/SEFA/TMA/TMB Signal Line Failure
P1656Automatic Transaxle
P1660Automatic Transaxle FI Signal A Circuit Failure
P1676FPTDR Signal Line Failure
P1678FPTDR Signal Line Failure
P1681Automatic Transaxle FI Signal A Low Input
P1682Automatic Transaxle FI Signal A High Input
P1686Automatic Transaxle FI Signal B Low Input
P1687Automatic Transaxle FI Signal B High Input
P1705Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1706Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1738Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1739Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1753Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1758Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1768Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1773Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1785Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1786Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1790Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1791Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1792Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1793Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1794Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1870Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1873Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1879Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1885Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1886Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1888Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1890Automatic Transaxle Concerns
P1891Automatic Transaxle Concerns


Because there are different Honda cars in the market with the likelihood that the one you are driving being the latest, employing the strategies which come with various OBD scanners is not a choice. The legal repercussions in the market about emission control will keep you safe from the famous warning if you took heed.

As long as the Honda car is on the road, having fault will be part of it. What is important is that you need to correct these error code signals expeditiously to mitigate the possibility of incurring enormous costs of repairs, which was also one of the reasons for the invention of the OBD scanners.

About the history of Honda

About the history of Honda

Cars, motorcycles branded Honda, in a long ago, have become so familiar to many countries, but there is just a few who know intimately about the history of the famous motorcycles brand in the world. Let’s look in more detail through this article.

Honda is the largest engine manufacturer in the world with more than 14 million the number of units per year. Since 2004, the company started manufacturing diesel engines run quieter without the filter medium to meet the pollution standards. However, it could be said that the foundation made a public issue of the company from making motorcycles.

Honda is headquartered in Tokyo and listed on the Tokyo stock market, the City of New York, London, Paris, and American Honda based in Torrance, California (United States). Honda Canada was in Scarborough area of Toronto, Ontario and moved to new headquarters in Richmond Hill, Ontario in 2008.

Company History

Honda Motor Company was established in September 24, 1948. Mr. Soichiro Honda of Japan took the opportunity to travel much in need, whether the Japanese economy was ruined after the Second World War, it was very lacking privation fuel and money, to establish company. The company had motorized bicycle on creating an effective and cheap transport.

After the war, production facilities piston Honda almost had been destroyed. Soichiro Honda established a new company that the Japanese call “limited liability researching Honda Company”. The first base of the company had this name of fanfare was really just an ordinary factory made of wood, and where he and his colleagues installed engine for bikes. It was very interesting that the name in Japanese companies was still kept up to date in honor of Soichiro Honda’s efforts. American Honda Company was founded in 1958.
Honda began the production of motorcycles to scooters. Soichiro Honda quickly recovered after the company lost during the war. In late 1960, Honda dominated the motorcycle market in the world. To 1970 the company became the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world and since then never to lose this title.

It began the production in 1960 with the cars intended for the Japanese market mainly. Despite attending many international motorcycle race car but it was still very difficult to sell in the US. Since the cars were designed for Japanese consumers, it did not attract the attention of US consumers.

Honda then also had its position on the American car market in 1972 when they presented with Civic-larger descriptions than previous models, but smaller than the standard US vehicles -in the economic crisis 70 years affecting worldwide economies. The new law on waste in the US requiring American car manufacturers had to append switch parts of expensive catalyst in the exhaust system and that was also the reason why the prices of cars increased. But when Honda introduced the Civic Life 1975 CVCC engine (Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion). This engine met the emissions requirements, so it did not need fitting catalytic exhaust parts again and this is the competitive element of the Honda Civic.

In 1976, the Accord was immediately known to everyone for the features of low power consumption and easy to drive; Honda has found a place in America. In 1982, Honda carmakers were the first Japanese to build a car factory in the US, starting with the Accord car factory in Marysville. Up to now, the company has four vehicle manufacturing plants in Ohio: 2 in Marysville (Marysville auto plant and factory motorcycle Marysville), Anna, and East Liberty. The airline also had factories in Lincoln, Alabama (Honda Manufacturing of Alabama), and Timmonsville, South Carolina, and more recently (2006), Honda opened a new plant in Tallapoosa, Georgia. Honda extended after its market share in Marysville, Ohio, and research facilities and development in Raymond, Ohio. Management division of Honda North America located in Torrance, California. Honda Canada and the US Civic sold to manufacturing plants in Alliston, Ontario since 1985. June 27, 2006, Honda announced it was opening graves production facilities in North America, located in Greensburg, Indiana. The plant was expected to be completed in 2008.

Honda was the first auto manufacturer to introduce more Japanese luxury cars separately. The Accura models were launched in 1986 had created a lot more powerful Honda models and sporty than the other Honda vehicles.

In 1989, Honda introduced VTEC system automatic piston into production, this system could increase productivity and efficiency and helped engines operate motors with greater velocity. One of the best new engines for passenger car use, it worked based on the assumption of an engine adjusted to operate at two different modes depending on the tonnage.

For the models in 2007, Honda planned to increase the safety of the vehicle by adding the standard parts for all Honda vehicles in North America (except for Insight and S2000 cars would not have the side-curtain airbad ) as airbags in the front seats, side-curtain airbag, and the anti-lock to win.

Since the day Soichiro Honda put the first brick, through 50 years of development, now is the time to think about the way in the next 50 years. Honda will continue what have made their names so specially and successfully. Identify technology development path is vital; Honda has promised customers that what they see in a dream today will be available at the company’s showroom tomorrow. And above all, the fire will continue burning zeal to do good accountability Honda guide of the new century.


Honda Motor at Milpitas

Since the establishment of the Honda Motor at Milpitas so far, 2009 was a year of many changes and forgettable for Honda in particular speaking and for most – not all – of the automobile manufacturers in the United States, one of the world’s largest car market in general.

Severe recession, Credit crisis, Government bailout, A series of bankruptcies, The old mark was dead, Agents closed, Layoffs, reputation brand also had to recall … Those were the issue mentioned most in the automotive industry during the past years.

In that turbulent year, besides the failure and losses of the majority of car manufacturers, some others still took advantages of the opportunity to develop and expand. Biggest loser who had to be included were the two “big” of Detroit: GM and Chrysler. The year 2009 was also a “nightmare” year of Toyota in North America when the corporations had recovered a total of 4.3 million units. Some automakers were also hardship in the year 2009, such as Mitsubishi and Suzuki.

However, before getting the total annual sales of the manufacturer for each vehicle, it was able to start synthesis car consumption trends in the US market this year. And while many other competitors were in difficult, Honda Motor still developed its brand name widely and appeared on the top bestsellers of the year.

Gasoline prices were no longer a factor that changed the American auto market in 2009 as in 2008, while sales of small cars rose sharply, causing flooding agents in pickup and SUV inventories. Clunkers program of the US government (Cash for clunkers) had created a boom in car sales fuel economy in the summer, but then, the market returned to normal immediately.

Here are 10 best-selling cars in the US in 2009:

1. Ford F-Series Pickup

Fuel savings of more than 8%, the new version of the F-Series Pickup had made a major turning point for the famous cars and was very popular in America, making it the best-selling car in America for 28 years, too.

2. Toyota Camry / Solara

Camry was the traveling car in the US bestseller for 7 years and 11 in 12 years. In 2009, Toyota added cylinder engine and hybrid system 4 (next to the V6 version), for Camry fuel consumption of 10.7 liters only / 100km streets and 7.1 liters / 100km highway hair.

3. Chevrolet Silverado

2009 was a year of defeat for GM. New cars and crossovers were not profitable for the company. Fortunately, the group still had the “old man” Chevrolet Silverado to save them.

4. Toyota Corolla / Matrix

Toyota is the manufacturer benefited most from the clunkers program of the US government. With fuel consumption of just 9.1 liters / 100 km city / 6.9 L / 100km highway, the Corolla has become the best-selling small car.

5. Honda Accord

Accord was one of the three models of the manufacturer Honda into the top 10 that year. With fashion design style and ability to better fuel economy than the previous version, the new Accord had scored points with consumers.

6. Nissan Altima

This was the fourth generation of the Altima. This car became themselves from 8th to 6th in the US in sales thanks to the modern design style more. In 2009, there were versions Altima sedan, coupe and hybrid.

7. Ford Escape

Thanks to the program clunkers government and moving to buy fuel-efficient cars than consumers, Ford Escape was first shortlisted for the Top 10 and became the best-selling crossover in Noodle.

8. Honda CR-V

Like the Escape, Honda CR-V had the relatively low fuel consumption to 11.2 liters / 100 km city / 8.4 L / 100km highway to benefit from the trend to switch to crossovers and trucks save American fuel.

9. Ford Fusion

Redesigned for 2010, the Ford Fusion midsize became average fuel economy in the United States. The hybrid version had only consumes 5.7 liters / 100km in the streets and 6.5 l / 100k highway. This was also the first year Ford Fusion shortlisted this.

10. Honda Civic

2009 Model had also been re-designed and the Civic continued to gain prestige as a reliable vehicle, reliability and value.

tips for buying a used car

The useful tips for buying a good used car

First of all, you have to determine that how much money you can spend for an used car.

When buying, besides the used car’s price, I am sure that you must spend some the additional fees such as tax, title, registration and insurance.

The total of this extra cost equals 10 percent the price of an used car which you intend to buy.

Therefore, although you just purchase an used car, you had better ensure that model is able to meet your daily utilizing demands. For example, it not only must be reliable enough to carry safely your baby on the road but can be parked easily as well especially it should get the luxurious options.

Moreover, you ought to have a long-term thinking that means you can buy an extended warrant due to it will help you save a large amount of money in repairing and other related services.

money stacks

If you would like to purchase a good used car which can meet all of your essential needs, you had better access the reputable websites before for learning like :). I always recommend everyone to buy the used car in the good agents in order to make sure that it is warranted in accordance with the warranty conditions of manufacturers.

For instance, you are able to consider South Bay Honda where is one of the most prestigious Milpitas Honda.

Below are the useful tips for buying a good used car:

1. Talk to your seller:

Whether you decide to opt for an used car from the reputable website or a dealer with a certain quality, finally, you will be met the owner of that car in order to negotiate details. Thus, if possible, let you ask reasons why he or she sells car as well as all of information about its mechanical and maintenance records, smog certification and direct registration.

In  case you determine all of these right information which your seller provides, let you perform the second test.

2. The safety and history reports:

These kinds of documents will keep you away any frauds. There the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is one of the most important elements which influences directly agreement of you and the seller. Each model has its own VINs which are put on the top of car or windshield.

Therefore, let you give up the car without having VINs.

where is my VIN car cover direct

3. Look for the signs of damages:

It is extremely necessary for you to check carefully the physical used car before purchasing it officially.

You are able to inspect whether or not this car causes easily accidents by means of utilizing a small magnet for pulling along the parts of car such as the lower door and front fender. In the event of appearance of any plastic fillers, your magnet will be attracted.

What is more, panels and seams have to be lined correctly.

To know whether or not your car has any signs of the cracked block, let you check its radiator fluid in order to make sure that there are not foam or drop of oil. You had better use your hand for ensuring around gas tank is not clogged by mud and leaves. Remember to do likewise with controller.

The used car may have the sign of driver abuse, if its leather steering and foot pedals are wear too much.

4. Do the test drive:

Firstly, you have to check cockpit that means you need to know some following important things in this place.

  • Does its steering wheel is too high or too close to dashboard?
  • Can you adjust radio and heater control button?
  • Are seat belts and child seat safe as well as good?
  • Can the windows of car be rolled down safely?

Furthermore, you need also sit all of seats in car in order to determine they have full of head and leg room especially the driver seat must be as comfortable as possible.

The most important note is the car’s all lights must still work well especially lights in dashboards as ‘check engine’ and ‘ABS’. When starting the car, you will hear the noise of engine – squeal turning from side to side.

In the event of the used car with automatic transmission, the shift must be crisp, firm and fast without grinding and groaning sound.

Obviously, it is not allowed to get any signs of vibrating or shaking. When braking, the used car is pulled to left or right without stopping on straight direction that means the car brake meets particular problems which need to be repaired and replaced immediately such as the not good brake calipers, pads, suspension or steering gear.

5. The certified pre-owned cars:

In case, you are not sure about your last decision, let you opt for a certified pre-owned car because a used car is passed CPO which has to be less than five years old and its odometer reading is also not more than 75,000 miles.

In spite of the used cars, the certified pre-owned cars have been refurbished especially most of their important systems are passed a careful test in such a way that these used cars can run in different conditions. However, to have these great advantages, you need to spend the extra cost for it. It is very easy for you to purchase this wonderful used cars on prestigious websites.

certified pre owned car lot

In a word, with any discovered problems above, you ought to think about another better choice.

However, if you really like that used car especially it has merely a few small problems, you are able to still buy it by your extra charge for repairing. When discovering problems, you had better estimate the repair cost as soon as in order to renegotiate price with seller. The last step for completing this buying process is to access to the local DMV’s website to find out paperwork regarding the transfer right of use for you.

  • Check more tips here : 


Reasons why you should pick up an Actron CP9580A?

You know, in the technology world, actron is said to be on top line of automotive products, and among the premier names of specialty items, such as code scanners or readers. How can they save our money? Not only effeciency in financial aspect, they are very beneficial in accuracy, ease of use and dependability… In review sites, they are gaining more and more fame and love, and becoming a very popular tool for anyone who want to do the mechanic stuff yourselves.

So, the first thing you must wonder is the cost that they take, right?

The prices of a reader or a code scanner is perhaps more than the prices we ever wish to pay. That means among the code scanners and readers manufacturers, Actron seems to be comparable in price. To purchase a code reader on sale, you just go to the internet, or pick up a bill to get it.

However, real cost savings are never found on sale, but the way you find the problems yourself, and fix it without paying any money for the commercial mechanic, or the dealership. With any model of Actron Code Scanner, you can save yourself a trip to the dealership, and everything will be dealed with no expense.

This is very economical, but can we trust those code scanner tools?

The answer is definitely yes! All the actrons code scanner are certified that they can communicate well with your cars. As a on board diagnotic software, they can display your car performance and detect any problems and fix them. Of course they can not mean being specificly manufactured. However, most of them can be able to communicate with OBD I (models that are designed before 1996) and OBD II scanner (those after 1996).

Its function is to scan your car and fix any trouble codes that may have, not only tell you the code. Moreover, some of the models can display if any severity happens, and you will know it is ok or not to drive your car, or it needs to be fixed first. I have to say that accuracy is one of the most important features that a scanner have, because it concerns the owner’s safety.

The next question is that is it dependable? In common, most of scanners or code readers you can find in the market now is dependable. An actroc will have the 1-year warranty period, and it is sort of above average. Anyway, the casing can be rugged, or get into a mishap although you do not mean to drop it often. However, most of Actrons can connect a PC, which allows you to upgrades any new softwares, or when you might change your car in the future. It definitely provide some “extended” dependability.


Do you want to know, is it necessary to get a rocket mechanics to work these things? The answer is definitely not.

Let me show you about other feedbacks for this Actron. From many famous review sites, they mention that the actron models are extremely pieces of cake. Even if you do not know a thing about IT world, you can still read the codes or read any problems that they display, because it is explained well. Actrons are well known for it simplicity. One of the most popular type you can find is Actron cp9580a with its various function, and super easy to use too.


I hope those can help you out when deciding to buy an actron or not. For me, I reckon it is one of the vital tools that a car driver should always have. Moreover, they are simple, easy, smart, accurate and competitive price. What do you wait more?